Brocade Brown Suede Oxford Shoe



Oxford shoes made of 100% Italian suede, with mixed leather and non-slip rubber sole and split toe. Brocade detail on the toe and seams and inner lining is 100% cowhide.

Made in Spain, specifically in Consuegra (Toledo). 

Model of shoes suitable for all kinds of events and for day to day in a professional and business casual environment.

The shoe is presented in a high quality burgundy cardboard box with central Old Jeffrey serigraphy in gold. Inside the shoes are wrapped in black tissue paper.   


In order to facilitate the correct choice of shoe size, we include below an equivalence between our size (the UK size) and the Spanish size:

Old Jeffrey sizing (UK) Size Spain
7 41
7,5 41,5
8 42
8,5 43
9 43,5
9,5 44
10 44,5
10,5 45

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