Navy Blue 3 Piece Diplomatic Suit with 10 cm Lapels


Antony's costume

  • Americana : diplomatic sailor | Holland & Sherry (ENG) | 100% Wool 260g
  • Vest Jacket: right diplomatic sailor | Holland & Sherry (ENG) | 100% Wool 260g
  • Pants: diplomatic sailor | Holland & Sherry (ENG) | 100% Wool 260g

What is?

We have more than 3000 references of fabrics from 12 different suppliers (Italy, England, France and Spain). Due to the variety of fabrics and the range of possibilities, we would recommend making an appointment with one of our tailors - it would be enough to either call our store (91 058 21 78), or write to us at and indicate what day and what time it would be best for you to visit us in order to see the fabrics first-hand and, in a relaxed atmosphere, receive the tailor's recommendations.

Customer measurements would be taken from scratch and each detail of the garment would be personalized.

What bespoke suit options do I have and what is the price?

There are many options ;).

As for the price of 2-piece tailored suits - they would be from
€860 - being the €860 option from a truly wide selection of top quality fabrics. In general, and relative to the whole PVP of the suit and in this case, €600 would correspond to the jacket and €250 would correspond to the trousers – so that you can also get an idea of ​​the price level of these tailored and separate garments.

On the other hand, if you opt for the 3-piece suit option – jacket, pants and vest – the average RRP of the vest is usually around €270; being able, in this way, to access 3000 references of fabrics for vests.

How far in advance do I need to go to OJ?

We would recommend coming to Old Jeffrey at least 1 month and a half - 2 in advance, it would take 3 weeks - 1 month to make the garment from scratch and once it was made we would meet you at Old Jeffrey to try it on. 

We would use this first test to detect if there are any wrinkles or if on the contrary it is perfect. In case of requiring some adjustment due to the appearance of small wrinkles and in order to "refine" the garment, we would need a week of rigor to leave the perfect garment. 

In general, for this type of suit, a single test is also almost always enough but, nevertheless, and because of the special day for which we prepare the suit, we always recommend coming to see us with that extra time for if any additional adjustment is required.

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We hope that the information provided has been of interest to you, however, if you would like more information, do not hesitate to request it by writing to us at


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