Military Canvas Iron Gray Overshirt 310 gr.



We have made our overshirt with 100% cotton of 310 gr. and granular canvas structure of great durability. ANDIt is a loose garment perfect to wear over one or more layers of clothing. 

The garment has undergone a worn iron gray dyeing process and, subsequently, a soft and wear wash through which the garment's current shade of green has been achieved.

Its main design features include its chest pocket with flaps and buttons; as well as its brown horn buttons with a diameter greater than the regular one. Other design features of the shirt are the smooth back and the simple cuff.

We have made this overshirt in a family workshop located in the north of Portugal.   


Note that this is a garment with a loose pattern so, if you doubt between two sizes, always choose the smaller of them. The model in the photo is 1,85 and weighs 82 kg. and wears a size L. 

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