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100% Organic Linen Overshirt Stone Gray



Overshirt made with 100% organic linen with great softness and durability. Tissue obtained from organically grown linen, pesticide free, and processed without the use of chemicals. Over-shirt for most of the year and which, due to the nature of its fabric, is a perfect lightweight garment to wear over a shirt or even a sweater or sweatshirt as a jacket. 

In addition, a gentle wash has been carried out in order to give the garment a soft and comfortable hand, thus avoiding the rough texture of pure and natural linen fabrics. 

Its main design features include its chest pocket and patch pockets; as well as its buttons to tone and of greater regular diameter. Other design features of the shirt are the smooth back and the simple cuff.  

We have made this overshirt in our neighboring country, Portugal, specifically in Guimaraes. 


It is recommended to select the size you normally wear. For this overshirt model we recommend following the following size equivalency guide:

- 38 and 39 equals S
- 40 and 41 equals M
- 42 equals L
- 43 and 44 equals the XL

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