Amber Heron Premium Silk Tie with Daisies

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Tie made in a small town in Naples with 100% silk quality. Finished by hand.

Among its main details are:

  • Made with the Garza technique (see below)
  • 8,5 cm blade width.
  • Length of 150 cm.

This tie belongs to our premium collection of Napoli ties, of which we only bring 2-3 units per model. If you like it go for it.


To make one of our heron ties, the silk thread is subjected to a characteristic spinning process in such a way that the final surface of the fabric generates a certain "Oxford" type granularity, giving the final cloth a more rustic appearance.

To do this, the weaving process is done in the color of natural silk (raw and with hardly any shine) and, when the cloth is finally made, the selected drawing is printed. 

In short, the cloth made with the heron technique takes more passes than twill silk and involves a more labor-intensive and manufacturing process.


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