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Two Piece Classic Morning Coat 2% Vitale Barberis


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What is? 

Our collection of 100% cold wool coats has been made with a standard pattern and it is the shoulders of each client that define the appropriate size for each one; In other words, we would try on the client - once the morning suit model has been selected - different sizes and we would recommend the one that fits perfectly on the shoulders. Once the correct size has been chosen, the rest of the garment would be adjusted to the client's body measurements so that the garment would be perfect.

Old Jeffrey Classic Morning Suit

Classic option that does not go out of style. The classic morning suit is a very successful option for both the bride and groom and for witnesses for weddings of all times. The vest is not included as the combination of colors between the classic morning suit - vest is considered as something very personal.

The range of combinations is very wide - among them several recommendations: off-white, gray, sand-colored, worn green, etc.

How far in advance do I need to go to Old Jeffrey if I choose this type of morning suit? 

If this is the selected option, we would recommend coming to Old Jeffrey at least 3 weeks in advance because, once we have adjusted the garment in the store, it would take us approximately 1 week to work on it. After this week we would meet him again to try on the morning suit. If any additional adjustment is required due to the appearance of small wrinkles and in order to "refine" the garment, we would again need an additional week to leave the perfect garment. 

In general, for this type of jacket, a single test is almost always enough but, nevertheless, and due to the special nature of the day for which we prepare the jacket, we always recommend coming to see us with that extra time in case. some additional adjustment is required. 


We hope that the information provided has been of interest to you, however, if you would like more information, do not hesitate to request it by writing to us at or, if you prefer, do not hesitate to call us at 91 058 21 78 in order to request an informative appointment and without any commitment.

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