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UNISEX Solidarity T-shirt "Bug Eclipse" against COVID 19


Solidarity Initiative against Covid19

The super sun that will soon eclipse the bug and that is, without a doubt, the best of the symbols for the design of our t-shirt ...

Help us to help! T-shirt "Bug Eclipse" against COVID19

Initiative articulated through San Carlos Clinical Hospital (HCSC), the first Spanish hospital participating in the WHO Solidarity clinical trial against the coronavirus. The objective is get up to € 100.000 to cover dedicated staff costs.

From Old Jeffrey, and in collaboration with Marba Architecture , we want to contribute to this initiative through the design of our Solidarity T-shirt providing 100% of the benefits to the study promoted by the Clinical Hospital.

This shirt is the memory of a great victory.

How will I contribute to the initiative and when will I receive my shirt?

100% of the profits will go to the Solidarity project promoted by the HCSC in collaboration with the WHO. For more information about the initiative click HERE

A higher volume of T-shirts sold will lower the unit cost and increase the contribution of each of us to the initiative. That is why we ask that you join the initiative as many as possible!

We will use the month of April to promote the initiative with the best of our efforts and wherever we can go. We ask that you please help us as much as possible.

We will start production at the end of April, exclusively attending to the order accumulated during that month. Finally we would send the shirts to each address in the month of May.

At the very moment of starting production, we would send you an email in which we would inform you of the estimated delivery date.


Our Bug Eclipse T-shirt against COVID 19 will be made with a quality of 100% spun and combed organic cotton of 180 grams.  

Size Guide

It is recommended to select the size you normally wear.

We include below, in order to facilitate the choice of sizes, the following equivalence between scales:

- 38 in shirt equals size S for this shirt
- 39 and 40 in shirt equals size M for this shirt
- 41 and 42 in shirt equals size L for this shirt
- 43 and 44 in shirt equals size XL for this shirt
- 45 in shirt equates to XXL for this shirt


Take a look at our new packaging HERE.

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