Palmeritas Blue Silk and Linen Shirt


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We flooded Caribbean-style Old Jeffrey with a palm tree shirt in a silk-cotton blend fabric. 

Our palmeritas shirt has been made in Spain, specifically in Consuegra (Toledo), with 100% silk and linen mix fabric from the Italian supplier Canclini. 

Among the main design features, in addition to its palm tree print with a blue background, stand out its Italian collar, darted back, single cuff and white buttons.  


We are committed to a Spanish and local production model that reduces the environmental impact. Shirt made in Spain, specifically in Consuegra, Toledo, with a blend of silk and linen. 

We are a "Slow Fashion" brand that seeks to motivate our customers to buy better quality, more durable and sustainably produced clothing; Always using fabrics produced respecting the environment, as is the case of the 100% Canclini linen used in the manufacture of this guayabera


If you have previously bought a shirt at Old Jeffrey, know that the shirt responds to the usual size and pattern. In summary, it is recommended to select the size that you usually use;)

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