First of all, We appreciate your interest in having accessed this landing page. Above all, in this "exceptionally" difficult time for us and for the rest of Spanish SMEs that are in their first stages of growth.

Related to this, and in light of the unfortunate situation that we have had to live, we wanted to inform you about the initiative that we are preparing to carry out for the duration of the blockade under the threat of the coronavirus.

As you know, under the ordinance - logic - of the closure of business premises, we have been forced to invent new forms of distance selling that allow us to continue feeding the business during the period of time that the blockade lasts.

Regarding the previous point, and trying to awaken your interest, we have decided to promote an advantageous consumption situation in our entire range of coats and suits of seasonal clothing - giving access to a 15% discount + free arrangements.  

Said promotion will remain in force during this, hopefully short, stage of interrupted face-to-face activity.

As you know, our coats and suits are articles that, in a regular way and being transparent, we do not include in promotions because they are low-margin items as they are marketed at an accessible price that generates market affiliation. However, given the current state of immobility, we want to promote an even more advantageous consumption situation that acts as a catalyst.  

That is, allowing the client to access a significant global discount on a jacket that he is going to use in the coming months after the blockade and, on the other hand, allowing us, as a company, to keep up with this crisis; fight to maintain the salary structure of the entire team that has dedicated 2 years of hard work to build the foundations of what is now Old Jeffrey.

As an additional comment, inform them that, in addition to the -15% discount, we would also give free access to the necessary arrangements up to a maximum amount of € 50. In general, we do not usually include the arrangements in discounted garments, however, the situation is exceptional and in view of the current state of inaction, we want to promote a situation and we also understand it internally.

The purchase should be made through the website - as our official means is enabled - and know that, at the time of being the purchased garment, we could either send it home or store it in our store while waiting for it to come. to adjust it after lifting the lock.

If you have any questions or queries about this promotion, you can contact us either through a private message on Instagram or through our contact email:

Finally, we convey our sincere thanks to all of you who are helping us in this situation.