Tailored vests

This is a special occasion and we want to give you the best of experiences as well as have the opportunity to explain in detail the different suit possibilities that you could opt for with us.

To request an appointment you can do so either by calling 91 058 21 78 or by writing an email to contact@oldjeffrey.com .

We always include alterations for free until the garment is perfect . This is possible since we have our own workshop with a team of expert tailors who will carry out alterations to your garment until perfection is ensured. As an important point, note that we only include the alterations for free as long as the garment is not purchased with some type of discount .


Choosing a custom-made vest gives you a range of possibilities, in terms of design, fabric, color... In addition, you will be able to see a notable leap in quality.

The most notable benefit of tailored vests is that they adapt perfectly to the figure of the user, that is, the perfect fit to each person's body. This ensures comfort and enhances the person's silhouette.

On the other hand, we see that custom vests are made with high quality materials , which guarantees their durability and elegant appearance.

Additionally, tailored vests allow wearers to personalize their design, choosing from a variety of styles, collars, lapels, buttons, colors and patterns.

Being unique and tailor-made for each customer, bespoke vests offer a level of exclusivity not found in mass-produced clothing.

Tailored vests suit many different occasions and personal styles, making them a versatile garments to wear in formal and informal situations.

Bespoke vests involve a high degree of craftsmanship and attention to detail, which adds significant value to the garment.


Choosing the best fabric depends on several factors such as the season of the year in which the event is held, the type of event, comfort...
At Old Jeffrey we offer fabrics from the best brands such as Loro Piana, Drapers, Solbiati, and many more.

Choosing the measurement option opens up countless possibilities in both fabrics and designs. We are going to explain the fabrics that are most used:

Wool It is one of the most classic options, its peak comes in the fall and winter seasons due to its ability to retain heat.

Tweed It is a thicker fabric like wool, so it is typically used in winter and autumn. It is a durable and resistant fabric.

Now we will see the most popular fabrics and the ones that people like the most. First we have linen, a comfortable, light fabric that also provides a rough appearance, which gives volume to the suit or morning coat. On the other hand is silk, a soft, shiny, light and elegant fabric. One of the best options for formal events.

Another option that exists is the mixture of fabrics, with which you can reach perfection, neither too thick nor too thin, neither too heavy nor too light. These blends can create wearable vests in all seasons of the year, the wool-linen-silk blend is the most common, each of the fabrics provides a different look that makes this blend unique, the thickness of the wool, the shine of silk and the roughness of linen.

Although these are the fabrics that people generally use the most, the measurement allows the vest to be made with the fabric that one prefers. There is the possibility of Velvet and corduroy , which are thicker fabrics that can give a different touch to your look.


  1. Ask for a date:

    • The process begins with requesting an appointment with a tailor or an establishment specializing in custom-made vests.

  2. First date:

    • At the first appointment, our tailors will work collaboratively with the client to understand their specific wants and needs.
    • The choice of fabrics and colors is discussed, where the tailor can provide recommendations based on the occasion, season and the client's personal style.
    • Taking measurements is a key part of this stage, where the tailor takes precise measurements of the client's figure to ensure the vest fits perfectly.
    • During this appointment, the design of the vest can be discussed, including details such as collar style, lapels, buttons, and other customization elements.

  3. Second date:

    • At the second appointment, the client tries on the vest in the process of being made. The main goal is to ensure that the vest fits the customer impeccably and meets their expectations.
    • Any necessary adjustments are made at this stage, and modifications are made as necessary to achieve the perfect fit.
      In addition to fitting, this is an opportunity for the customer to see their custom design come to fruition and make any final adjustments if necessary.

If you want more information, write to us atcontact@oldjeffrey.com as well as request an in-person appointment with one of our tailors in order to delve into the details.