Under the claim "You´ll Never Know Until You Go" Old Jeffrey is positioned as a menswear brand striving to become a serious competitor among men's reference brands across the country. The way? Long and arduous; however, the abundant energy and the right strategy.

"Travel, travel and travel." From there our essence is born.  It all starts in Jeffrey's Bay; situated along the picturesque South African coastline and hidden among remote villages from the XNUMXs; famous for surfing and for a deeply rooted philosophy of life based on the will to live and the passion to know; This is the best reflection of our different personalities with the same goal: to try without fear of failure. This is our government here at Old Jeffrey.


And you wonder what it is our greatest virtue; Old Jeffrey is led by a group of ambitious young men who direct present strategies towards future successes. If Old Jeffrey achieves its goals it will undoubtedly be due to this group of young entrepreneurs in charge of galvanizing it. And it is they, a group of lively and tenacious members, hungry for success, their main assets and their greatest defenders.


It is this spirit of youth that embodies the personality and character of Old Jeffrey. Old Jeffrey is not content with becoming a benchmark for quality tailoring at an attractive price, but seeks to perpetuate a legacy: a brand with values, committed to its environment and rooted in solid principles that govern its day-to-day life.
Old Jeffrey is true to its philosophy and seeks to extend its reach further through a physical sales space that goes beyond the commercial. Visit us. You will see business acumen perfectly guided by your moral compass. You will be greeted with a coffee and a smile and leave with a renewed perspective on style and attitude. You will enjoy the experience, we can assure you. You know…You'll Never Know Until You Go
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