Old Jeffrey Store Gurtubay 5


These three concepts are merged by developing a narrative where experience forms the backbone of the project, with design and architecture being the tools that generate contrast and enhance the principles of “The Store”.

Tradition is related to forms and gestures; The essence is shown, the purest materiality, stripping architecture and design of its artifice; They speak of trade with the uses and details.


"The Store" becomes a flexible container capable of hosting different activities over time, generating encounters and promoting the unexpected. The space is redefined with each arrangement of its devices, but always maintaining its essence and character. Tailoring, workshops, meeting spaces, events, happenings ...


Each of the pieces exclusively designed for their function focus the prominence on the garments they support while they dialogue with each other and the environment generated. They compose a catalog of ad-hoc pieces that contribute multiplicity and dynamism to the tradition of the trade, being disruptive in their intention and classic in their forms.


Within a single interior, 3 environments are generated that represent a thematic and perceptual rupture, while maintaining spatial continuity.

Three environments associated with collective memories related to tradition, materiality and the romantic spirit of the value of craftsmanship.

The workshop, the tailoring and the geographical area


The result is better than expected and the effects are only just beginning.


We are eNSaLaDA! 

It is a group of architects that works and explores new fields in architecture and design. Interested in alternative approaches to our environments and contexts, attending to the complex relationships that constitute it, from the individual to the collective.

Working from multiple territories, from urban planning to communication, from industrial design to art, from digital to analog, always looking for ways to expand knowledge to satisfy curiosity.