The Seven Fold Ties (7-Fold-Ties)

Our seven-fold ties (7-fold ties) are recognized for their superior quality in the world of men's fashion due to several reasons, among which its artisanal production and attention to detail stand out.

Here we detail why they are considered premium items in the world of ties: 

1. Artisanal Manufacturing Process

Unlike standard ties that typically have an additional lining to give them shape and structure, our seven-fold ties are made by folding a single piece of fabric seven times. This artisanal process requires great skill and precision, significantly increasing the time and effort required to produce each tie.

2. Use of High Quality Materials

To make our seven-fold ties we have used 100% twill silk; Additionally, the manufacturing process of this tie model requires a greater amount of fabric compared to standard ties. The quality of the silk used is crucial as it must be strong enough to maintain its shape and folds without the need for an additional lining.

3. No Additional Lining

The seven-fold design eliminates the need for a liner, allowing the tie to fall and fit more naturally. This provides a lighter and more flexible feel, improving both appearance and user comfort.

4. Durability and Resistance

Thanks to their sturdy, unlined construction, seven-fold ties tend to be more durable. The pleat structure provides a natural sturdiness that helps the tie maintain its shape and avoid wrinkles, even with continued use.

5. Exclusivity

Due to the skill and time required to make these ties, they are less common than standard ties. This exclusivity adds additional value, making those who wear them stand out for their attention to detail and appreciation for haute couture.

In short, our seven-fold ties are considered of superior quality due to their artisanal production, the use of high-quality materials, their durability and the elegance they bring to the wardrobe. They are a preferred choice for those who value both functionality and aesthetics.