GUAYABERA: "Latin and Caribbean style for this summer IN SPAIN"

We flood Old Jeffrey with Latin and Caribbean style with our Cselection of 100% Linen Guayaberas.  

Despite its wide-ranging popularity, the circumstances of the origin of the guayabera they are not exactly known.
Two are the main theories: 

  1. Historical currents that suggest that the guayabera had its beginnings in Cuba when an XNUMXth-century Cuban peasant asked his wife to make him a multi-pocket shirt to store his belongings while he worked.
  2. Other files describe the guayabera as a shirt or jacket that may have resembled the uniforms of XNUMXth century Spanish and Cuban soldiers...

Both origins are worth us ... but what we do have clear is that the guayabera is a must for this summer. And that is why we have opted to bring out our own collection of guayaberas. 

We defend the guayabera made of 100% linen ahead of all types of linen-cotton mix or any other fabric. The guayabera is a summer garment and as such, the flax gives it a series of properties unique for the summer period:

  1. Linen is a vegetable fiber of natural origin that provides breathability and freshness.
  2. Linen is very resistant and its wrinkle is beautiful.
  3. Linen is a hypoallergenic fabric and, having a Balanced pH, helps to care for and soften our skin.

Among the main design features of our collection of 100% linen guayaberas are its four pockets and two rows of tucks. We have also opted for an Italian collar with white interfacing as well as different combinations of white and horn buttons depending on the model of each of our guayaberas. The cuff of all our guayaberas is simple.  

Let's support tourism and domestic consumption ...Let's bet on beach destinations in Spain with summer looks made in Spain. We propose you one of our Guayabera;)

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